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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Petals Florist Directory

What is the Petals Florist Directory and why should I use it?

The Petals Florist Directory gives you the ability to locate and choose the particular florist that you'd like to use to fill your floral or gift basket order. This feature can be extra handy when you're searching around for a particular florist that specialises in a certain area (for example, weddings, christenings, roses or even gift baskets!) It's so easy to use... just type in the name of the city/town (or use postcode) that you're wanting to send your order to, click ' Search' or 'Go' , and you'll be presented with a list of florists for that area.

You can place online or telephone orders using the Petals Florist Directory for same-day delivery throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. You can also use the Directory to place orders for next-day delivery to many other countries around the world!

You can use the Petals Florist Directory to:

  1. Quickly and easily locate a comprehensive list of florists for your nominated delivery area (within Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom )
  2. Choose the florist that you'd like to use from the list presented to you
  3. Either contact the florist you've chosen via telephone or place your order with them online where possible, or
  4. Place your order online for Petals Network to choose another quality florist to deliver your order instead... and
  5. Have your beautiful, fresh flowers or gift basket delivered!

Why are there different types of florist listings on the Petals Florist Directory?

After you've typed in your search criteria (e.g. town/city name or postcode), you'll be presented with a list of florists for that area. The Petals Florist Directory is a comprehensive catalogue of all the florists throughout the particular country that Petals Network knows of! Because this Directory contains ALL florists, not every florist listed here is a member of Petals Network.

If you are a florist looking for more information on listing in the Petals Florist Directory please click here

Once I've decided which florist to use, how do I place my order?

There are two ways that you can place an order using the Petals Florist Directory:

  1. You're able to contact the florist you've chosen by any means that are listed as available next to their business name (for example, phone, e-mail or the florist's own website).
  2. You'll also notice an "Order Here" option next to many of the florist listings. You're able to click here, and place an order using the Petals Network Selection Guide. Your order will go directly to the florist that you have chosen to use from the Petals Florist Directory. In the event that the florist you have chosen is unable to fill your order according to your preferences (for example, a florist may not have the specific flowers in stock on a certain day), Petals will contact you to advise that your order can not be filled by the florist that you have chosen. Petals will then suggest alternative florists who could be used to deliver your order as specified.

How do I send an order to an overseas destination?

Petals Network delivers to more than 70 countries right around the world... and we have our own network of florists throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. You're able to order directly through florists in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom using the relevant Petals Florist Directory or click on a country site below:

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